About Us

It is a Matter of Principles!

We understand that Quality of Care is paramount.
At Medcessity, we know that we can deliver the highest Quality of Care for our clients.

Here is how we do it:
  • Skilled treatment are provided by Licensed Therapists only. We never leave the care of our clients to aides or technicians.
  • Clear communication between the Client, Therapist and Physician is most important. We keep you and your doctor informed of your progress and treatment options on a regular basis.
  • New referrals are seen within 48 hours. We welcome walk-in appointment. We always remain flexible to accommodate a clients personal schedule.
  • We believe that therapy is a contact sport; hence we practice a hands-on approach with all clients. While always respecting ones pain.
  • We focus on function and strive to achieve real-life improvements. Our therapy goals are tailored to your needs and desires.
  • We believe in education. An educated client can better manage, or yet prevent the recurrence of his/her symptoms.
  • We understand the contribution that technology can bring to the well-being of our clients. Therefore, we always seek to incorporate the latest techniques and modalities relevant to one's symptoms and problems.
  • We are an evidence-based practice that believes in continuing education and applying the latest research to our treatment in order to obtain outstanding measurable outcomes.

We know, you may choose any clinic for Therapy.

Why not choose the Best?

We are confident that Medcessity has what it takes to meet your goals.