Splinting and Orthosis

Are you wearing a generic over-the-counter brace for your elbows, wrists, hands?
If poorly fitted, they can cause more damage and waste your time.
Chances are that you may benefit from a custom-mold splint.

What is a Custom Mold Splint?

It is a Hand-Made Brace (also call: Splint or Orthosis) whereby a Thermoplastic Material is molded directly to you to provide the prescribed support.

It requires no special set up on your part, it is removable/washable and is usually completed in one sitting by one of our Licensed Therapist. It is molded to Your Unique Body Shape, and provides precise support and fit.

Our clients tell us that they are much more comfortable then the prefabricated kind found at drug stores or even handed to them by their doctor.

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